Oceans of Grace
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Prayer Shawls
KnittingAs its name implies, Prayer Shawls are knit with prayers, following a three fold, or "trinitarian" knitting pattern. They are given to a recipient with a blessing for healing, comfort, or in celebration of their circumstances.

This group often meets in a private home in East Greenwich vs. the Oceans of Grace Spiritual Life Center. Anyone who would like to join the group, or would like to learn how to knit a prayer shawl is welcome to attend.

We knit very simple shawls, pray over them and give them to people in need of comfort or joy. There is no cost for one of the beautiful shawls, all you have to do is ask for one. (Cash donations and material donations are gratefully accepted to help fund this ministry.)

If you want to join the group, or have a request for a shawl, please call Donna Horan at (401) 885 - 1474.